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October 13, 2012
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Settled In by FurLined Settled In by FurLined
Yesterday I collected a new addition to the family - little Theo, a 14 week old Abyssinian kitten. After a 2 and a half hour journey it only took him 10 minutes from us letting him out of the carrier at home to him playing, cuddling, purring and generally looking completely at home. Here he is this morning chillin'.

His coat colour is listed as "chocolate" - one of the less common Abyssinian colours.
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Falcolf Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Gorgeous baby! :D What's it like having an Abyssinian? I've heard they are very energetic and intelligent, but do they ever lay on laps after they've been tuckered out? :)
FurLined Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
They are energetic and supposedly intelligent, although my previous Aby never seemed the brightest candle in the box and Theo seems a bit of an airhead (although to be fair Theo is only a kitten :)). They tend towards being slightly dog-like - interactive, often "talkative", tend to follow you around the house. They do still plenty of time sleeping/napping and my previous Aby did like to curl up on my lap, plus Theo has been fond of lap-sitting from day 1. My previous Aby would also play fetch with a toy mouse (sometimes bringing it to me and wailing when he wanted to play) and chase his own tail. From my experience abys can also like snuggling under the duvet in bed (the first aby I met when I was staying over at a friends house pushed his way into my arms in the night - it was very sweet). I love the breed :)
Falcolf Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Awww, they sound ridiculously adorable! I have been looking at a lot of breeder sites to see what they're like but the descriptions for the breed temperament always seem hollow and lacking in real information, which is why I'm so glad you answered my question! :D I'm not looking for another cat now but ever since my last cat died, I was thinking that I might get a well-raised purebred next to be slightly more assured of temperament, since neither of the two I have now are very affectionate (and they also have issues because neither of them had the greatest early kittenhoods.) Aby cats got onto my list along with Maus (the two I have right now are long hair and I miss the easier keeping short haired coat) but like I said, I just couldn't find any real information on temperament despite the plethora of websites that I have visited and books that I have read. I know every cat is different but the some of the descriptions I've read of this breed really appeal to me. I'm glad they do nap sometimes and at least some of the breed are lap-sitters! :D I pretty much have to force the two I have now to do that and they're more interested in each other than in me. The one only takes a sit when he decides that he's cold or absolutely exhausted (you wouldn't think a turkish angora needs a heater but apparently he does.) Dog-like and talkative sound good! :D Anyway, thank you soooo much for replying to me, I really appreciate it! :)
Deltonimage Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
Great Abby.... We lost our "Rudy" 16 year old red abyssinian 10 weeks ago. We miss him more than you can say.
Was a great loyal friend. We got word last week from our breeder that another red abby will be finding a home with us
sometime around Christmas/New Year. Your photo just warms my heart, thanks.
FurLined Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Aww, sorry to hear that - I've just had a look at a couple of your photos of him and he was stunning. I lost my previous Aby, Simba (who was a "usual"), to illness back in August. I knew I'd have to have another aby and was looking for a kitten straight away. Once I'd found one it felt like an eternity once I'd reserved him waiting for him to reach the age when he was ready to come home. They are such a fantastic breed. All the best for your new arrival!
Deltonimage Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Thanks, I know what you mean by an eternity.
Lithestep Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
omg i love him! do he and Loki get along? it would sweet if they would cuddle and you could catch some pics of them ;D
FurLined Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
They've gradually been bonding since they first met on Saturday and the past couple of days have reached the point where they get on great - they play fight, play chase, there's no hissing and they like curling up near one another. I wouldn't be surprised if they start curling up together properly and I'll try get a photo of it if they do!
AbyssalJT Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nicole-Marie-Walker Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute!!!<3
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