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February 14, 2013
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Pretty in Pink by FurLined Pretty in Pink by FurLined
The vet claimed she didn't have any other colours left after giving my other kitten, Theo, the last blue "cone of shame". So Loki, my Bengal boy, got a pink one.

Both kittens were neutered yesterday and wearing the collars for a day or two as a precaution :).
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VenomousTranquility Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hahaha! The Cone of Shame reminds me of UP.

Cute kitty.
oh boy, Loki must have just LOVED wearing that little pink cone - especially when it was time to snooz!
nawniee Apr 26, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
i had a cat that would get into every thing and ppl say " use a water gun they hate it" but i thought that was mean, so my now ex thought it would be funny to use a nerf gun lol it was so funny the first time he got hit lol right in the butt. after that every time he saw that gun he was gone. never jumped on the tubal again lol
ponygirl0316 Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
lol i'm sure they just 'love' their cones xD cat's are funny when they have cones on xD i have a bunch of cat's all of which have gone through this procedure and acted hilarious afterward
Theo really freaked out at his - fortunately he calmed down after an hour or so. At least I know what to expect if they have to wear them again :)
ponygirl0316 Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
they'll probably be calmer the next time they wear them xD like "oh, this thing again -_- "
as far as i remember only one of our cat's freaked out, and he's the most rambunctious and trouble-making one xD i had a bouquet of roses for V-day and he made sure to knock them on the floor, causing four of them to break in half, and after i put those four in a mug, he could NOT leave them alone and took them out of the mug several times xD
Loki's very good at playing with things he shouldn't. I've given up having anything on the mantelpiece except for 3 small wooden cats I've blu-tack'd down and a clock which sits far enough back he's not usually tempted to push off. Fortunately I'd removed valuable and most breakable items from there before I got him - as soon as he figured out how to get on to the mantelpiece and walking along it he's pushed everything else off repeatedly just for fun.

My only house plant is a Dracaena I've had for 15 years. It's suffered a bit from my previous two cats chewing on the leaves they could reach. It had 3 main stems when Loki arrived and within a couple of weeks he broke the lowest one off (resulting in a very mournful look on his face at his playing ending up resting on the floor rather than springing around for him to bat). Then two weeks later he broke the next lowest one off with the same look on his face. The remaining stem is high enough such that he can just about reach to bat it from atop the TV but can't pull it down so it's survived for the moment!

The other thing both kittens are terrors with is a vase with several large feathers in (marabou/ostrich type). When they get bored they tend to pull the vase over and go mad with the feathers. Can't blame 'em really :).
ponygirl0316 Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
oh wow lol
lol yea "for the moment" true statement right there!. we've got a plant that was left alone until we got our fourth cat, romeo, and he has chewed the tips of every leaf he can get at and snapped a couple stalks. he also has a habit of purposely shoving one of his toys under my door, into my room, only to paw at it and try and get it, if i open the door he just gives me a look like "what'd you do that for!?" xD

And Feathers?! omg Oreo goes absolutely crazy over feathers! xD he's have those feathers shredded in moments,partially from licking them, i've caught him a couple times with he feather attachments for his "wand toy" i suppose you could call it, licking them repeatedly and shredding them a bit in the process, we have to lock them up in a closet, up on a shelf. you're right can't blame them xD
Nothing hurts a man's pride quite like having his balls cut off.
Except, of course, forcing him to wear a pink cone over his head after said ball-removal. That's humiliating on a whole new level, my friend.
It was the vet, nothing to do with me! Honest!
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